Sunday, November 23, 2014


They were just a bunch of six ordinary people living simple and separate lives.

One of them was a striving interior designer student who repeatedly failed in institutional learning. The other two is a couple who have tried more than 30 businesses of all sorts yet have not made significant milestones. Another is a breadwinner holding both a full-time job and part-time deals of different sorts. We are just ordinary people. And if that’s how you might feel about yourself, then what happened to us could also happen to you.

In less than a decade after all their paths crossed together through Royale Business Club, all of them had the opportunity of making our dreams a living reality.

They have made a fortune in just more than half a decade of being together doing business. And in such a short a span of time, they were able to travel different places across the globe to do business and have fun, meet great and awesome people and help change the lives of their love ones. Not to mention being able to acquire assets like houses, cars and even other businesses. It is such a blessing to realize a dream! And they don’t want to keep the possibility to themselves only.

It all started when in 2006 they became a team. They became the Royale Dream Team.

You will find out that they are almost no different from you. As long as you have a dream, then you are just like them when they all started. Perhaps you might even be in a better standing today than they are back then. Their only difference was that they found out a vehicle to pursue their dreams with Royale Business Club, and that they ventured in faith not alone but together and became the Dream Team.

So they are inviting you to learn their story.

Royalè is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established in 2006. From its headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines, the company is continually changing the landscape as we know it - from its expansion of branches throughout key cities in the country to international hotspots in the cities of Dubai, Taipei, Singapore, Doha & Abu Dhabi.

Royalè as a Brand is synonymous with innovation and modern. From the packaging to the over-all impeccable quality and service, Royalè products are superlative in all aspects. Its success in the local and international markets is a glaring declaration of this feat.

The business model of Royalè is now the benchmark of Filipino-owned corporations who want to expand their operations worldwide. This pursuit requires more than hard work, but rather, it calls for continuous dedication to excellence and a pragmatic understanding of large-scale multi-national operations. More importantly, a management with keen business sense, acumen and diligence of the highest level is required.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Post Father’s Day Thought

Fatherhood just like Motherhood has its own unique challenges, difficulties, and nuisance and of course rewards.

I’ve been rearing my 3 kids myself, in effect alone since their Mom decided to take a job outside the country 6 years ago just to ensure their bright future. A painful decision for all of us especially Gabriel who was only 5 years old during that time. But as strong as their Mom’s character Gabs and our two daughters took it in stride and learn to cope with a long distance Mother. Technology was of a big help.

Every two years Honey would come home for month long vacation during Christmas Season. This rather short time happy moments with her would be gone in a zip then she will fly back again to her job and the long wait for the next vacation starts as she boarded her flight. And in between those rather short lived one month bonding with Honey, I have to face the big task of tending the daily needs of this rather unique individuals. I have imperfections just as they have and when it collide it is difficult and seeing that sometimes that you have hurt their feelings , was such an excruciating pain to bear. Kids must not be hurt as much as possible must not experience pain.

It is a tough task keeping them emotionally secured since their longing for their Mom can always get in to their system and to make sure that the absence of their Mom is negated I see to it that they will be spared from the hardship of seeing through their daily life by tending to their personal daily needs to the point that I supposed they are now overly sheltered which has some of its negative effect.
My kids cannot commute through public transportation, I have them serviced since then to and fro their school, its kind a frustrating to see others of their same age can actually travel by themselves. My eldest is just starting to learn how to cook, I myself at the age of 10 can whip up simple recipes already. We still fight on who shall take orders in a fast food which ends up me buying for them.

They are not dumb though but were not just trained sooner. My daughters are now in 9th and 8th grade but I still have to process their enrollment every school year. I took care of my enrollment starting level two in the elementary grade.

I want my kids to be self-reliant and that is the goal that am now working. Am 54 years of age not old enough but no longer young to aid them every now and then?

There were times that I would miss their young "small" voices yelling “Daddy” just for anything they need and thought about. The feeling of being handy to them is yearning but sooner or later they must be on their own and me on the sideline just waiting to give the much needed boost.

Nonetheless, am happy to see how these unique individuals are turning out to be. Most and foremost they are God fearing by themselves since I don’t have influence on their faith. They are Catholics am a Protestant but believe me they understand the intricacy. The eldest is a constant achiever in academics, my second daughter is passionate with volleyball and training hard to be a fine player, the youngest is currently consumed with his laptop and the internet and who knows he can be a computer whiz kid in the future. And best of all with or without manifestation - I fell loved. That is the greatest.