Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why Duterte Is Not Good A Choice

After the so-called People Power Edsa Revolution, I’ve been a man of my own when it comes to political decision. No longer swayed by popular opinion, nor by what the politics of certain individual promises.

When voting for a President, I use the job description of the President enumerated in our 1987 Constitution that is my sole basis, nothing else. Not the platform, not the political party, not what the candidate promises to accomplish, more so not what the popular majorities opinion.

So, why am I so concerned about Davao City Mayor Duterte’s candidacy?

I have nothing against the Mayor. In fact, if you talk about peaceful Davao and the tremendous economic growth of the city, credit should go to the Mayor.

So, where’s the problem?

It’s not Duterte, but what his supporters, followers and voters’ expectation of him when he becomes President of the Philippines.


LAOAG CITY, Philippines – Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to stop criminality in the country within three months if elected president and would resign from office if he fails to do so.
“If elected president, give me about three to six months, I will get rid of corruption, drugs and criminality,” Duterte said during his visit to the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac City on Friday.

According to Duterte, he would allow vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to take over the reins of the government should he fail to fulfill his promise.
“If I fail in three months, better leave the country or I will step down and give the presidency to Bongbong,” Duterte said.

Above was the banner story of The Philippine Star when Duterte visited Batac Ilocos Sur last February 21.  Can anyone really take this hook line and sinker? How will he do it in 6 months?

Possible if he declares Martial Law and disregard due process of our judicial system, lock everyone that will be suspected of criminality, shoot to kill to those who will resist and with strong indication of criminal activities, if that’s what is in his mind then maybe, yes maybe.

But it will be chaotic.

Or! Duterte may implement what he has done in Davao: kill all those petty criminals, street thugs, and make headlines every day for six months. He would announce, “You jeep and bus passengers, you can stop worrying. I have killed those hold uppers, snatchers and pick pocketers, and those of you with private cars, I also locked up those hamog kids so you will not be bothered.” And his supporters and followers will rejoice because quickly they now experienced the benefit of a quick fix, of shortcuts, and to their minds, criminality is solved and they will applaud Duterte, just like how they applauded PNoy when he declared in his inaugural speech “no more Wang wang”. Another symbolic rhetoric of masses winning over the rich and the privilege. But how about the big time criminals, the drug lords, and the corrupt officials? It is doubtful that he can eliminate them even in his entire term, because these are organized criminals with guns and goons including conduit with people in power.  These are personalities who can launch a revenge against any individual who will hurt their businesses.


He said he will step down if he failed after six months. He better will, because the same crowd, the same voters and supporters will remove him from the office, by mob rule, by short cut, by quick fix since we’ve been doing that for some time now. I will deal with this issue of mob rule on my next article.


President Duterte and Vice President Marcos, a recipe for chaos. Cayetano will not win. Marcos will. Just go back to the Philippine Star story. Election is just about to happen but Mayor Duterte is already relinquishing his office to Bongbong Marcos, as if he is 100% sure that Marcos will be his VP. What happened to Duterte Cayetano tandem? Cayetano has no bailiwick, Marcos has solid North that spells the difference that will bring the Marcoses back to Malacanang, and when Bongbong set his foot in Malacanang after so many years, flash backs of what happened in 1986 will trigger his resolve for vengeance and will make sure that every failure of Duterte will not go unnoticed by the public, and when it’s ripe, he will initiate a call for impeachment or a better one, mob rule, short cuts, and quick fix. He got solid north.

I am not a political analyst nor an expert, but I’ve seen several mass actions or better said, mob rule, short cuts taken, and quick fix implemented to resolve our social and political problems. In fact, I have joined the very first one. We ousted Marcos by mob rule. Now what? They ousted Erap by mob. Now what? Short cuts, quick fix, and mass actions are very appealing to citizens who have been suffering for such a long time. This is what Duterte is promising: quick fix and short cuts, just like what the late dictator himself has done.

And now will he be aided by the dictator’s son or will he be ousted instead using the same rule on him?

What a disaster it will be.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cocido Prepared Easily

This is how I prepare my own style of Cocido.

Cocido is the Bicolanos version of (sinigang na ulo ng isda) stewed sour fish head.

I usually would use the local Maya Maya, or Talakitok but for this writing am using pink salmon’s head instead.

Preparation is quite simple, you will be needing two halves of fish head, one onion head, tomato, ginger, red bell pepper and cabbage head to garnish. Freshly squeezed calamansi juice enough to meet your preferred sourness.

Chop the ingredients place in a pot together with the fish head put water just to cover the fish head bring it to boil, then add the shredded cabbage head,  then slow cook for about 5 to 7 minutes and when done, transfer to a serving bowl add your calamansi extract and serve it steaming hot. Best serve with laing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

MARKETING SENSE - Marketing for Non-Marketers

Last February 11, I went to attend a one day introductory to a Marketing Course in Ateneo De Manila University entitled Marketing for Non-Marketers. A one day seminar aimed to introduce the very core principle of Marketing in a capsule.

If you are a non-marketing professional, the course will give you better knowledge on how to coordinate your expertise with marketing activities in order to upgrade you competitiveness.  I took the brief introductory marketing course just to validate if my stock knowledge in marketing are still relevant today.

It is quite interesting to find out that there are not much changes in the core principle of marketing as I used to know 8 years ago. They are exactly the same though some approach and terminology is a bit different, it is actually the same thing as getting to know your market and how your planned strategy and tactics will make your brand work effectively and create big demands in your chosen market segment. The only significant change is the Place or what they term now as Accessibility due to the inception of internet which now allows the customer to purchase online and of course the emerging significant new market which is no other than the BPOs.

What a relief to know that my stock knowledge is still very much relevant nowadays.

There were 23 individual in attendance from different industry and with various professional credentials. There were HR Managers, Marketing professionals, we got someone who is an accountant by profession, Product Managers, Account Managers, Art Director and a Clinical Associates.

Our resource person is the very able Mr. Clemente B. Colayco, ADMU Center for Continuing Education Director. Mr. Colayco brings with him 22 years of experience as an international footwear marketer having worked with major Italian (Cebo Italia) and German (Far East Grohmann Footwear H.K.) shoe making and trading companies. He got expertise in product development, merchandising, production and sales. Mr. Colayco graduated with a Regis MBA degree with honors from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in 2000. He then taught international Marketing in the same school from 2001 to 2003. He has a degree likewise in BS in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines. He was an excellent facilitator.

This one day session brought back my confidence that I can still discuss marketing with sense.