Thursday, May 24, 2018

How We Enjoyed Mt. Ulap

Located in Itogon Benguet, Mt. Ulap mountain ranges became the popular destination for beginners that would like to enjoy Cordilleras scenic view while trekking the grassland and pine tree ridges which I myself enjoyed the most.

The refreshing smell of those pine trees, the grasses laced with flowers and the intricate rock formations made our hiking breath taking. There were steep climbs but those are a lot easier than the previous mountain I went up. The awesome views and scenic spots made me forget about the fatigue I was experiencing and I am so delighted that I was able to capture those with my camera.

Reaching those summits was some kind of a little feat. The moment we reached the top we gazed through our surroundings and what an awesome view it was, and there were those clouds providing a magnificent experience and backdrop.

Most notable of the places we went was Mt. Gungal with a bulldoze rock formation so imposing as If taking guard of the entire mountain ranges. It is a must to have your picture taken as an imprimatur that you have been to Mt. Ulap but I passed the opportunity, I don’t have the guts to stand on that edge with no safety harness.

Then from the summit we descended through those makeshift stairs which made it a little faster and little comfortable thou descending from any mountain for me is a bit more challenging and tiring than ascending.

We stop by what they call a local “Mini Stop”, a makeshift store who offers refreshment.
Then we continued with descending and finally reached the 9 kilometer mark that means our exciting journey its just about to end.

Next stop? Mt. Pulag.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


PICTURES. I always remind my kids that in times of disasters like fire, first priority to secure are documents such as birth certificates, diplomas etc. which are already packed in one foldercase. Next are pictures. Told them they can leave everything except pictures, these are visual records of our existence, our personal history in photos. You may never retrieve nor reproduce those memoir when they are destroyed specially by fire. Let everything be burnt but not our pictures. During yesterdays fire that almost hit my Mother's house these pictures are the first ones we saved and some few clothings, then we locked up the house and waited. Praise God that my Mother's house was spared but our hearts goes to those who were not able to save anything except what they are wearing.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Where Is Everybody

Using #2 tips of photo composition by Steve McCurry that is using "leading lines" that will lead the eyes to the picture, with just my Samsung Note Smart Phone, I took this rather eerie scene from our canteen that showed nobody was eating in the picture. Then I was able to highlight those rows of chairs in the foreground and the rows of lighting fixtures above.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

An Exciting Journey Begins

With my Canon EOS80D, I am embarking on a journey of exciting photography.  Capturing images of life, stories and happenings.  I've always been wanting to own one and my wife gifted me with one during my last year birthday, so greatfull! See more pictures to come as I go through the process of mastering the art of photography.

Practice Shooting At Quezon City Memorial Circle

I was practice shooting last night in QCMC as part of my learning process in photography, and I am still trying to find a better composition and was just shooting at will to try my settings when suddenly a security men approached me and asked what the pictures are for, hesitantly I answer I blog and I need this for my blog. He said I need to get a permit to shoot, really? what's the difference between my camera and the rest of the people their taking pictures using their phone? Well thinking that he may not know either the I packed up...and these are the best shot that I got...