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Sunday, 19 September 2010

TONG YANG Restaurant

Tong Yang Restaurant this is probably the best korean-styled buffet in the philippines. Tong yang restaurant is actually famous for its hot pot concoctions or shabu shabu. It's a restaurant where you experience total control of what you want to eat , how you would want it cooked and taste.

My team decided to have dinner in Tong Yang last 16Sep.  I feasted on scallops and gindara. My boss was actually screaming when she saw me grab tons of oyster.  She was actually very much concern about my hypertension.  But luckily a survived the onslaught of bad cholesterol on my blood stream during that time.  But some favorite I truly missed, I have to restrain my self from taking crabs and shrimp.

It has several branch around Metro Manila the most prominent the one we went to in Quezon Avenue ,and SM MegaMall

Tong yang SM Farview is the newest of the tong yang restaurant chain.  If you want to have a franchise click on the following links for more information