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Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Magnificent Mayon Volcano

Mayon volcano is the Philippines' most active volcano and is considered to be the world's most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetrical cone with a steep upper slope of 35-40° and is capped by a small summit crater 200 m in diameter.  It can be found in Legaspi City of Albay province within the Bicol region on the southern most part of the Luzon Island.

Mayon volcano has had a long history of destructive eruptions. In August 2006, the eruption resulted in evacuation of 48,000 people, and 1266 people were killed in December 2006 when heavy rain from typhoon durian caused landslides and floods at the base of the volcano. The fact that the majestic Mayon volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines does not deter tourists from taking a glimpse of its nearly perfect conical shape.

Since 1616, when people began keeping records, the volcano has erupted nearly 50 times in 400 years menaced nearby residents with intermittent eruptions of ash and lava.

In February 2 1814, the eruption of Mayon volcano caused the destruction of the village of Cagsawa.   During that Pompeii-style eruption, Mayon volcano reportedly spewed plumes of hot ash while fast-moving lava flows completely covered the village of Cagsawa. The belfry of the Cagsawa church that was submerged in mudflow during the 1814 eruption became its prominent attraction. You wouldn’t believe that the ruin was in fact buried almost 200 years ago that left 1,200 people dead.

Mayon Volcano latest eruption was on December 29, 2009.


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