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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Blood Pressure. How I Monitor Mine While Trekking

Blood pressure is 130/90 on a normal day, just within the acceptable limit, and sometimes it goes beyond to 140/100. I have my blood pressure monitored by our company nurse, and lately, I bought an electronic blood pressure monitor to have my BP checked constantly even at home.

My name is Leon. I am turning 58 years old this coming September. My vital signs are all OK except that I am hypertensive, meaning that my blood pressure can shoot up to over 130/80- the now controversial guideline to indicate hypertension.

My New Hobby

I got this Canon 80D DLSR camera that I am learning how to use. This got me to what I have been dreaming of learning a long time ago- photography. I like taking pictures of any subject that might interest me, but the top of my pick is landscape.

Lately, I have also been trekking mountain heights and I got the opportunity to take some pictures of mountain ranges, summits, trees, and trails. This requires me, of course, to climb up mountains- a rather strenuous activity for my age and a challenge that I am not fazed by.

What About My Blood Pressure?

People with medical conditions such as heart or cardiovascular disease and hypertension, among others, are forbidden to go mountain climbing due to the risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke caused by high blood pressure. Yet I won’t budge and will continue to scale heights with my camera.

My baptism of fire happened last year when my family and I went to scale Mt. Daraitan- a 739-meter summit with 5/9 difficulty scale- in Tanay, Rizal. I never expected the challenge and it almost knocked me out of my breath. I was terribly exhausted; my body was aching and my legs were trembling due to fatigue. The problem was I didn’t have any idea about my blood pressure; I was just waiting for myself to pass out actually, but I did survive.
My Mother Mountain - 739 meters Mr. Daraitan with 5/9 Difficulty Scale
Not having to monitor my blood pressure was a bit scary and foolish. Therefore, on my next climb, I wore something that would allow me to track and manage my blood pressure anywhere and anytime.

Smart Wearable Blood Pressure Wrist Watch

I now wear a  smartwatch that measures blood pressure using Pulse Transit Time (PTT), a system that has been studied extensively as a non-invasive alternative to blood pressure measurement. It also includes functions such as Passometer, Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker,  Fitness Tracker, and Countdown.

With my Smart Wrist Watch, I was able to track and manage my blood pressure when we climbed Mt. Ulap. I was very much aware of my blood pressure condition all throughout, from ascending to descend. Since hypertension does not show signs before it occurs, I was able to check my BP when it reaches 160/100 at the summit that signaled  I should take a little break and enjoy the majestic views which somehow soothed me and helped me get my BP to a much desirable level.

I am now wearing a less expensive Teepao Fitness Tracker Ip67 Waterproof Smart Wristband Pedometer Sports Bracelet with High-Definition Display Screen equipped with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Heart Rate Blood Pressure, just like what I am wearing in those pictures.
With My Canon 80D and  Teepao Fitness Tracker - Perfect

It has the following Features and benefits:

A Fashionable Design & Exquisite Workmanship Stainless steel watch surface, a precision bonding process, nano tpu85 material strap, anti-sweat matte finish, ergonomic design, and soft straps that make wearing more comfortable
IP67 Waterproof- allowing you to wash hands or take a shower with the smart band on, effectively protecting the device from brief soaking
Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring - Wearing the smart bracelet to sleep, you will know your sleep quality data, and then adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle
All-day Activity Tracking Accurately records the activities of the whole day like steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned, and sleep status; and
Call Synchronous call alerts and social apps alert like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. so you never miss important messages or events

I consider smart wrist watches as a supplement rather than a replacement to the Sphygmomanometer being administered by your nurses or doctors. I recommend that you discuss with your cardiologist your intent to purchase wearable blood pressure monitor so that you can work together in monitoring your blood pressure.

Final Thoughts: Blood Pressure Needs Constant Monitoring.

Hypertension is a serious medical condition that needs immediate and constant attention.  In this reason that millions of hypertensive patients like me opted to purchase a wearable blood pressure monitor to keep updated with our health conditions. This allows us to check on our blood pressure level at any time in the comfort of our own place, saving us from the effort of going to our nearest doctor or hospital.

Also, the need to collect and record data on how blood pressure fluctuates during the day in various situations or activities is not possible with sphygmomanometer-whether manual or digital- due to its size.

With smart wristwatch, you can capture and record natural fluctuations of blood pressure while you are at work or doing some outdoor and sports activities. This wealth of data could help doctors make better-informed decisions when it comes to the treatment of hypertension. This is a surprisingly difficult challenge, given that only one-third of those diagnosed with hypertension achieve blood pressure control within normal values.


  1. Hi Leon, your tracking formula is really impressive. You know, when I ride on a hill, I face some problem to monitor my blood pressure and on that time it's important to monitor my blood pressure. How you find out the blood pressure log? Can you help me to find out the log please? So kind of you. :)

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